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Katrina’s Dream – United States of America

RTCRev. Robert T. Coolidge
is a deacon in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal, Canada. He is a retired professor of Medieval History having taught at Concordia University and former archivist of The Monticello Association.  Coolidge is the first deacon to serve a woman priest along side road following the ordination of the Philadelphia Eleven, on July 29, 1974.


4177_1155944174557_6439683_nWilliam R. MacKaye is an Episcopal layman long active in the affairs of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.  He is a current member of the diocese’s finance committee.  A former reporter and editor for the Washington Post and retired chief executive of an agency supporting theological education, MacKaye is a free-lance writer, editor, and consultant on nonprofit governance.


KAPRev. Kathryn A. Piccard is an priest serving the Diocese of Massachusetts.  She has a rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue. She functions as a resource and contact on disability issues, keeping track of the Church Pension Fund’s policies and the attainment of accessibility goals in the diocese.  Piccard has written a number of scholarly papers and books regarding on Feminist Theology, Gender Neutral Liturgical language, a number of resolutions for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church.


1915106_1182063522176_7209517_n (1)Helene de Boissiere Swanson is an Episcopalian and social justice activist.  She co-founded Katrina’s Dream along with her late husband William Gaines Swanson and father-in-law George Gaines Swanson the eve of her mother-in-laws death.  She serves Bishop Musonda Selwyn Mwamba of Honorary Bishop of Chelmsford.  She is a legal professional.  She worked for the well-known international lawyer Melvin M. Belli.  She dreams of world where believers and non-believers alike dialogue through “Love Coexisitence” and come together utilizing the African way of “Ubunto” to address issues as the arise that affect humanity and planet.


Katrina’s Dream – India

Helene Swanson is currently formalizing Katrina’s Dream- India.  Over the next few months we will post here those working with us in India claiming her rightful place as a nation of great people.  And a country that has been influcentially long before the Indus Valley days thousands of years ago.   Katina’s Dream is i the early stages of developing a couple of programs under the Skill India and Make India schemes to empower women and close the “Digital Divide“.


Consultants and Staff

MCB - website copyMelvin C. Belli has practiced law for over 30 years and has a wide range of experience that few others have. He has handled cases across the country involving a wide range of matters from minor auto collision cases to Mass Tort Actions involving drugs and defective medical devices. He has experience in dealing with everything from soft tissue injuries to the tragic loss of a loved one. He also has the advantage of having been trained by one of the best or some say the greatest lawyers of the 20th century. His father Melvin M. Belli was called the King of Torts for his ground breaking work in personal injury actions. Melvin C. Belli learned well and continues the legacy of fighting for his clients using the innovative and cutting edge techniques he learned from his father.


Longfei Zhang is the Tech Consultant and Social Media Director of Katrina’s Dream.  Zhang is the CEO of a digital marketing firm, who also specializes in the web and app development, with offices in New York City and Shanghai.  He is currently working on his Ph.D in Computer Sciences.  He has contributed to  Emerging Applications for Cyber Transportation Systems a paper published by the University of Buffalo.  He comes from a long line human rights activists.  And works with Katrina’s Dream is in honor of his father a well known Chinese author who published more than 11 books




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