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A space for guides, scholastic papers, scribblings, and artistry…


God, Creation, and Restoring the Balance

A scholastic papers written  by William G Swanson during the course of his life, starting with his coursework.  To read his papers start here.

Just Words?

Articles and guides by Kathryn A. Piccard on making every day words do justice.  To see her full catalog click here.

Justice and LIberty for Indigenous Women

An article by Dianne Ramsdell Newman pn the traditional role  Native American women integral to native governance. In fact, the majority of tribes were matrilineal. Women were not viewed as being inferior to men. Click here to read the full article Sea to Shining Sea

The Domion of the Republic of India

This scholastic work a series of papers written by Abdul Jaleel, a reseatch scholar, Lok Sabha Scretariat, Parliment Library, New Delhi, submitted to E.T. Mohammed Basheer, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Kerala State, India. To see more on this paper please click here THE DOMINION



Poems inspired by Katrina and other Dreamers  Read all the amazing poetry Click here.



Walk the Talk: A Quest for Equality

Helene Swanson is writing a book about her 10,000 kilometer pilgrimage across the United States of America in support of Equality for All.To download a draft excerpt of the first chapter titled “White Ants” ofher book Walk the Talk: A Quest for Equality please Click Here.

10 Blessings for the Church

Fifty years as an Episcopal priest in America and Africa have shown Swanson ten things we do wrong in church (him included) and ten blessings that bring us closer to what we were like in the early church).  More…