God, Creation, & Restoring the Balance

WGS - Kelly's B-day PartyScholastic Papers by William G. Swanson

A scholastic papers written for his coursework T1990: God and Creation with Professor Kwok at Episcopal Divinity School, which lead to starting  the concept of Vocation Vacations,  Click here to reading  The Big Burp Theory of Gardening in the Creative’s Stomach

In his paper Feast of Saint Basil, an Agapé Feast of Love, and Trinity Sunday Three services are reviewed. One is a Eucharist for The Feast of St. Basil, in essence a Book of Common Prayer, Rite II Eucharist. The second is a Liturgy for the Love Feast, Agapé, where the community gathers for a meal within a service. The third is a Church of England, “New Patterns” Eucharist, using the Episcopal lectionary. The first and third are Eucharists and the second is an early Christian common meal in a prayerful context. Click here to read Feast of Saint Basil, an Agapé Feast of Love, and Trinity Sunday


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