Millenials at the Helm – Sustainable Practices

God, Country, and Family, was the core of my late husband William Swanson’s personal philosophy.  It was generational.  Katrina had instilled caring for this planet in William,  and he wanted our sons to be instilled with the same values he had been.

The front and back yard of the house in Maine was notorious for being “overgrown” with weeds while in fact Katrina refused to weed the indigenous plants.  She maintained three bee colonies, and composted.  And she had a thriving vegetable garden. These practices had been handed down generation to generation.  Katrina’s mother’s side had come over on the Om Bang and we still have old rural farmland dating back to when it was originally deed as Dutch Charter.


William took a great deal of time sharing family stories about the Hetloo Farm in upstate New York as did Katrina.  Often when driving back east to visit with family in Maine we would always take the time to drop by the farm just outside of Old Kinderhook.  And while in Maine we always made time for the bees.   I believe these stories inspired boy of our boys, Bobby and Harry.

988525_10152675173637161_4811633022577514487_nHarry is currently working with Anna Combi a  family friend who has started permaculture sustainable practices program.  This amazing group have been traveling since .   We are excited to be involved with Anna program.

Here is a little bit on her program:

          This Fall, a group of inspired solutionaries…from diverse backgrounds, will embark upon a permaculture activation quest, integrating social and environmental action, performance arts and holistic education, into local communities along the west coast. In each location, we intend to gather community to plant food forests, medicinal herb and edible gardens, create drought-resilient infrasturcture, and utilize natural building techniques and energy efficient cooking technologies to catalyze resilient living and thrivability.  We aim to nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go.

To learn more out her work please click here







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