Advocacy Pack


These documents are here for your use when you meet with your elected officials calling on them to co-sponsor the US Congress resolutions calling for the “Three State Strategy” .  Please feel free to include  them in your email when you meet with your state elected official to promote the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

RES D042 – 2009 General Convention – Resolution calling for the renewed support of the Equal Rights Amendment from the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Katrina’s Dream – Letter of Endorsement – Three State Strategy – Katrina’s Dream – Letter of Endorsement in support of the Three State Strategy

Dear Colleague Letter ERA 2015 – US Senator Cardin [D-Maryland] and US Senator Kirk [R-Illinois] letter inviting other to cosponsoring S.J. Res. 15.

ALB15735 – S. J. Res. 15, which calls for the removal of the arbitrary deadline impose by Congress on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

ERA CRS Report – Congressional Research Services Report: The Proposed Equal Rights Amendment: Contemporary Ratification Issues [April 8, 2014] prepared by
Thomas H. Neale, Specialist in American National Government

Pursuit of the Gender Equality – The History of the  pursuit of Constitutionally Guaranteed Gender Equality (The Equal Rights Amendment) by Women Matter

ERA9914 – Constitutionally Guaranteed Gender Equality (The Equal Rights Amendment) by Women Matter

The_ERA – What the ERA would and would not accomplish by Rev. Kathryn A. Piccard and Fred “Rico” Hurvitch, Esq.

Three State Solution – Explanation of the Three State Strategy by Rev. Kathryn A. Piccard and Fred “Rico” Hurvitch, Esq.


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