Hello Nevada? Ratify the ERA!

Lisa Krasner,  Republican No. 26  – Washoe (Part)


775-684-8847 / Room 3124


Robin L. Titus, Republican No. 38 – Lyon, Churchill (Part)


775-684-8507 / Room 4111


Jill Tolles, Republican No. 25 – Washoe (Part)


775-684-8837 / Room 410


Melissa Woodbury, Republican
Minority Whip,  No. 23 – Clark (Part)


775-684-8503 / Room 3159



My name is _______ and I am calling in my individual capacity. I’m calling to urge Assemblywoman  ___________ to vote YES on SJR 2 which calls for the State of Nevada to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment when it comes to the floor for a vote. The Equal Rights Amendment will empower women. 

Please put my name down as a supporter of this resolution.   

If they ask if you are from the assembly person’s district or from the state of Nevada, be clear by giving them  your zip code.  

If you are from the state AWESOME! 

If not be sure to also say:

I am expecting a yes vote because women are not  yet equal in the  United States Constitution, and this legislation is for a federal amendment.  What happens in Nevada during this session will affect every America so I am calling to urge a YES vote.  

Thank you so much for all that you do to serve our country.  And have a great day!