Catalog of The Call Recordings

Tammy Simkins of ERA Action and One Rural Women facilitates calls to U.S. Senator Portman and Dianne Post of Arizona ERA Task Force facilitates calls to U.S. Senator McSally.  Click Here.

Sharon J. Hill, a Georgia Constituents; Public Eye Reports CEO; and an active member of Zionist Baptist Church, the first free slave church in Marietta, facilitates the call to U.S. Senators Perdue and Loeffler.  Rethinking Eve CEO Jean Sweeney gives a report on the women on the frontlines of the COVID19 pandemic which is sweeping the nation.  Click Here.

Power of 10 Rehearsal Call regular participants of The Call, go over the How To’s on petitioning members of our U.S. Congress to move the nation forward in passing the Equal Rights Amendment.  Click Here.

Christopher Coolidge, a Libertarian, lifetime member Monticello Association and Katrina’s Dream member facilitates call to Senator Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy Click Here.

Mike Rudl, a Republican, Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur Thanks U.S. Representative Jimmy Panetta and urges U.S. Senator Kamala Harris to co-sponsor SJ Res. 6 Click Here.

Tammy Simkins, One Rural Women and ERA Action facilitates call to U.S. Senator Portman Click Here.​

Sharon J Hill facilitates Thank You Call to Georgia U.S. Representatives for co-sponsoring HJ Res. 38 Click Here.

Barbara Arnwine with Sharon J. Hill Click Here.

Prof. Julie Suk with Melvin Belli – International Constitutional Law and the ERA Click Here.

AZ State Senator Victoria Steele with Dianne Post on Arizona ratifying the ERA Click Here.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski with Sheila Selkregg on Removing the Deadline on the ERA Click Here.