Ode to a Force of Nature

Dedicated to Lan Zhang

by Helene de Boissiere

What news did I hear, from your beloved!
A voice strong in the storm and winds of change,
One symbolic of your great love for each other,
Your passion, their passion for all things and creatures.


I only met you once, a true force of nature.
Your presence was strong, your protective ways,
Of those, you hold near and dear, and those too far away,
The love and light shone from your eyes brightly.


I observed the great love between glances across the table.
You took everything and gave so freely,
to so many with out a blink or reservation,
I wondered if I would ever find a love like yours of my own.


I give you my word most honorable and supreme One.
That I will do my best for those who are left behind,
In the enormous empty place, you once filled.
I know that you and the ancestors will look out for us from the heavens above.


Flying Dragon and your handsome Prince of Hearts
Are strong with the lessons you left behind,
for many to ponder and contemplate
Oh, oh, Sweet, Supreme Lan you are most Loved.