Mother’s Day Poem


William Swanson listens attentatively to his mother Katrina at their home in Manset, ME. Photo Credit: George Swanson

By William Swanson

Sausalito, CA – May 2007


One, two, three


Hear the wind blow
along Echo Lake.

See the light passed from mothers And fathers along an ancient

Feel the frozen air as we encamp
Of winters, and the dry Coalinga, Kalahari air
Of summer strolls.

The taste of chicken broth over bahobi
and the imbibed awe of aqua vite on your birth-day.

How the clover smells while haying over the fields of Sunny Side
And the sea sprayed smell of your ‘Turn-a-bout’s’ sails.

One, two, three

Rest in Peace


Your William