Senior A Muse art work created by Gerrie Kunin

Senior A Muse art work created by Gerrie Kunin

By Gerrie Kunin


I close my eyes
I breathe you in
your settling
steadies me,
your touch
guides me.
Breathing out,
I open my eyes and find
you playing in the paint again.

Bay Laurel
Almond Oil
Meyer Lemon
That’s what you smelled like.
The air smelled of you
Just now

In the language of the Dine, dragonfly means pure or sacred water. In Japan, there are over 200 species of dragonflies, and each has a traditional name. Ancient and intentional, over 250 million years of being, from the water to the air, returning to the beginnings.

I imagine you airborne, beside me, suspended in flight,scattering the most intimate and infinite of dreams till they come to rest upon the heart of all who breathe in and out through gills and membranes and light.

Gerrie said she “Incorporated into a drawing on handmade paper that has called to me for its story to be set free for a long long time” for the Senior’s Art Artshow at the Homestead Valley Community Center. on August 1, 2015.

 Gerrie Kunin is a well known Marin County  social justice activist who combines her activism with her art. She currently is focusing her passion on creating a space for artists, writers and social justice activist in Costa Rica.



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