2018 Thunderclap Phone Script


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My name is __________________ I am calling in my individual capacity and as a member of ___________________ to ask Senator Grassley / Representative King to co-sponsor and hold hearings on S.J. Res. 5 / or H.J. Res. 53, a resolution which calls for the repeal of the deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment.  The E.R.A. is an U.S. Constitutional Amendment that will address

  • Gender Wage Gap by providing for equal pay for all.
  • Title IX Enhance and solidify protections.
  • LGBTQIA Equal Rights Would require strict scrutiny in legal challenges
  • Discrimination in Insurance End sex- based discriminatory practices by private insurance companies.
  • Military Policy May help curb the epidemic of sexual assault which affects women in the
  • Curbing Violence against Women Could help underscore arguments for improved funding of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Attaining Reproductive Justice Denial of access to reproductive health care is sex discrimination

Thank you very much and have a great day!