Programs – Over the Years

Since the founding of Katrina’s Dream, we have participated in a number of programs.

Here is a partial list.

Millennials at the Helm Sustainable Practices A group of inspired solutionaries from diverse backgrounds, will embark upon a permaculture activation quest, integrating social and environmental action, performance arts, and holistic education, into local communities along the west coast. In each location, we intend to gather the community to plant food forests, medicinal herbs, and edible gardens, create drought-resilient infrastructure and utilize natural building techniques and energy-efficient cooking technologies to catalyze resilient living and thrivability.  We aim to nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go.

Olof’s Brothers Love Feast In researching out his book10 Blessings for the Church George Swanson stumbled upon the Ecclesia Common Cathedral program in the Boston area. Around the same time, William who was staying at Rev. Kathyrn Piccard’s home while attending Episcopal Divinity School was invited to the same service, he was moved by the service. Then in 2010, George Swanson shared his dream of an outdoor agape meal.  Having years of experience working with the homeless. William and Helene set out to create the program. We did so with both Katrina and George in mind.

Prison Law Reform  – Programs such as Close the Death Chamber and Natural Causes Killed Victor, a folk opera on solitary confinement to bring attention to the conditions of the incarcerated.