Poems inspired by Katrina, Social Justice Advocates, and Dreamers

Miracles Happen After Hard Work


In Alla’s one words, I’m one of the Philadelphia Eleven who became the first women priests in the Episcopal Church in 1974. In 1975 I founded Wisdom House, an interfaith spirituality and healing center with inclusive language liturgies, soul mending and soul tending, and mentoring for art or ministry. I’m a feminist theologian, certified Gestalt therapist and a poet who enjoys collaborations with other artists. More…

Mother’s Day Poem


William Gaines Swanson was Katrina’s youngest son. He followed in the footsteps of both of his parents who were priests in the Episcopal Church. He travelled the world as part of the Olympic Family.  He worked diligently in the founding of Katrina’s Dream.  His philosophy is the cornerstone foundation of the organization’s structure and ministry. More…

Ode to a Force of Nature

Helene de Boissiere- Swanson was most fortunate to have met Lan Zhang when she put together a showing of the brilliant work of many Asian artists including our IT Tech and Social Media Consultant Longfei Zhang.  She was an amazing woman whose love for her homeland China never diminished as she worked diligently towards bring the best of China to her new home with her beloved husband Michael J. Daly.  More…


Senior A Muse art work created by Gerrie Kunin

Gerrie Kunin is a well known Marin County social justice activist who combines her activism with her art. She currently is focusing her passion on creating a space for artists, writers and social justice activists in Costa Rica.  This piece is called Senior A Muse. More…

We’ve mainstreamed torture, haven’t we Jesus?

76 General Convention - BoydMalcolm Boyd is the bestseller author of Are You Running with Me, Jesus? a Gay Elder, a Civil Rights and Antiwar Activist; a Freedom Rider in 196l, a 3-Term President of PEN Center USA West, a Production Partner of Mary Pickford in PRB, Inc., a President of the Television Producers Association of Hollywood, and has been an Episcopal Priest for over 50 years.  More…

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