Sharlene Michelle Sanders

Sharlene Michelle Sanders is a beloved daughter, sister, mother, artist, student, teacher, entrepreneur, and valued friend. A lover of people whose rich childhood life consisted of intangible gifts. Gifts that enriched her soul and spirit. It was this loving environment that nurtured a great woman, and set the foundation for the woman that she would become one day. Characteristics and heart traits that money could never buy.
It was while staying at a women’s and children’s shelter in North Carolina that Sharlene allowed herself the luxury of dropping her baggage. Baggage which had contributed to her being in the compromising situation that she found herself in at the time. Feeling like she had reached rock bottom allowed her to both free and simultaneously empower herself. She rose, rebuilding herself, her world, and her life, again.
Sharlene’s strength has always been in building connections, employing empathy in all that she does and translating that principle into a working practice in her daily life. She truly values and embraces the humanity that is found in others. So it only makes sense that “I’m every woman” is one of her favorite songs.  It is this nature along with her ability to appreciate the small things that we see the true spirit of “UBUNTU,” as it dwells abundantly within her.  Through universal love we understand that Sharlene Michelle Sanders IS because we ARE.