2021 Advocacy Pak -117th Congress


These documents are here for your use when you meet with your elected officials calling on them to co-sponsor the US Congress resolutions calling for the “Three State Strategy”.  Please feel free to include them in your emails when you meet with your state elected official to promote the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

RES D042 – 2009 General Convention – Resolution calling for the renewed support of the Equal Rights Amendment from the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Katrina’s Dream – Letter of Endorsement – Three State Strategy – Katrina’s Dream – Letter of Endorsement in support of the Three State Strategy

Third of May, 2021 – Senate Dear Colleague – US Senator Cardin [D-Maryland] and US Senator Kirk [R-Illinois] letter inviting other to cosponsoring S.J. Res. 15.

S. J. Res. 1, which calls for the removal of the arbitrary deadline impose by Congress on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

ERA CRS Report – Congressional Research Services Report: The Proposed Equal Rights Amendment: Contemporary Ratification Issues [April 8, 2014] prepared by
Thomas H. Neale, Specialist in American National Government.

The_ERA – What the ERA would and would not accomplish by Rev. Kathryn A. Piccard and Fred “Rico” Hurvitch, Esq.

Three State Solution – Explanation of the Three State Strategy by Rev. Kathryn A. Piccard and Fred “Rico” Hurvitch, Esq.