POWER of 10

The Power of One… The Power of 10… is a grassroots campaign.

One-on-one conversations with family, friends, and neighbors .  Each of us doing what we Americans are called to do.  Whether we are one or many.  We the people are calling upon the US Congress to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

~ WHO ~

The  US Capitol  Switchboard is   (202) 224-3121 

Minority  Leader of the US Senate Mitch McConnell  (R) 

District Office Louisville  (502) 582-6304

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson  (R). 

District Office Bossiere City (318) 840-0309


From the comfort of home. Space in the workplace.  Or out and about.

~ WHEN ~

Mondays or any day  that works for you each week, place a call to Mitch and Mike to  encourage them to defend, protect and empower women. 

Start small.  First week on Monday give it a try. Call Mitch.  Then call Mike.  Then  next week invite a friend or two to give it a try too!  Each week add another family, friend, or next door neighbor.  

It’s a great way to make a difference and help the women in your life.

~ WHAT ~

The Power of 10 grassroots campaign engages folks to call upon members of Congress, both in the House and in the Senate respectively to Remove the Deadline on the ERA.  And  vote “Yea!”  

If you feel so inclined you can also call other members of our US Congress. Click here link to find your Senator.  Click here to find your Representative. 

  • Senators to vote yea! on SJ Res. 4   calling for the removal of the deadline on the ERA.
  • Representatives to vote yea! on HJ Res. 25 for the removal of the deadline on the ERA.

~ WHY ~

Women across the USA are not getting their fair pay, it’s just that simple. Healthcare access is a fact of life.   Title IX – Sex Discrimination in schools is not enough.   See  below sample script for more reasons.

Three years after women won the right to vote, the Lucretia Mott Amendment, now known as the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was introduced in Congress by Senator Curtis and Representative Anthony, both Republicans. It is authored by Alice Paul, head of the National Women’s Party, who led the suffrage campaign. Anthony was the nephew of suffragist Susan B. Anthony.  To learn more click here.

Many Americans across the nation  support  Congress removing the time limit  added to the bills by Congress  back in 1972 , and extended in 1979 to 1982. 

Legislation is in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to officially remove the deadline for the ERA. when passed by both  chambers the ERA will become law and part of our US Constitution,  now that the necessary 38 states have voted to ratify the amendment.

~ HOW ~

Identify yourself and state (zip code works), that you are calling in your individual capacity, and reference the organizations that you are either in a leadership role, a member of ________ organization/network or working alongside.

Be sure to ask that they keep a tally and add your name and various other groups that you are calling on behalf of to the count.  They are obliged to count your call as this is a US Constitutional Amendment.

Then state in your own words,  see the below example as a guide.  Be sure to call/text your personal network and remind them to place their calls too!


Good Day my name is _____________ and I am calling  Senator Mitch McConnell (R) urging his support of the passage of the ERA into the US Constitution and requesting that he reach out to the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) to  move for a  floor for a vote on  S.J. Res. 4  , which would remove the deadline. And to speak to his colleagues enlisting their support, and to Vote Yea! I am asking this because…


Good Day my name is _____________ and I am calling Representative Mike Johnson urging his support of the passage of the ERA into the US Constitution and requesting that he reach out to the Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D)  to move for a  floor for a vote o H.J. Res. 25 , which would remove the deadline. And to speak to his  colleagues enlisting their support, and to Vote Yea! I am asking this because…

Give at  one reason why this is important to you,  a personal antidote/story is compelling. Here are several good issues that the Equal Rights Amendment will address:

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Domestic Violence
  • Healthcare (i.e. Reproductive Health; Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Physician & Hospital Care, etc.)
  • Education (Early Childhood Development Programs, Access to Arts & Sciences, Ongoing and Continuous Learning Programs
  • Employment Opportunities in both the Public and Private Sectors and not limited to Civil or Government at Careers
  • Prejudice and Racism how without the Equal Rights Amendment the hidden face of prejudice and racism will continue to be masked and that piecemeal legislation does not directly address these concerns
  •  Economic growth, being that married and single mothers or women that are head of the households spend their monies on their families the more money they earn the more they have to spend as well as invest or build new enterprises, thereby building economic growth for the USA in the process..  And widows too.

Conclude the message with a thank you and leave your email and phone number and zip code at the end of your call.  

Please put my name down as a supporter of this resolution.  And have a great day!

You can use this letter template for legislators websites contact form too!


Dear Senator ____________/ Representative____________,

I am writing you today to urge you to cosponsor Senate Bill- S.J. Res. 4/House Bill- H.J. Res 25, which calls for Congress to remove the deadline imposed on the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Equal Rights Amendment will empower and protect women. 

Please put my name down as a supporter of this resolution.

I am expecting you to cosponsor and vote when it comes to the floor for a vote as the US Constitution does not prohibit discrimination on the account of sex.

Thank you so much for all that you do to serve the State of _________ and the United States of America.


Your Name

4 thoughts on “POWER of 10

  1. Thank you, Helene, for your steadfast commitment to seeing the Deadline removal through. I’m proud to be one of your 10. ?? Tammy

    P.S.. I left a voicemail with Mike and was not able to get through to Mitch last week. Will call again.

  2. Follow Up – Not able to get through to Mitch’s DC office, again. Left follow-up voicemail at Mike’s office. Asked for call back.

  3. Got through to a staffer in Speaker Johnson’s office today. They were polite and assured me all calls are tallied and that I would receive an answer back. Keep the calls up!

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