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Maggie Ross – Pillars of Flame: Power, Priesthood, and Spiritual Maturity   $20

“A passionate and searching book which unsparingly sets the Gospel in judgment over the popular Christian idolatries of our time.” – Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

“There are no priests in the four Gospels or the genuine letters of Paul. That fact should make us rethink entirely the concepts of Christian ministry and community. Maggie Ross gives us a good way to start.” – Garry Wills, author of What Jesus Meant

“Ross argues that our methods of ordaining clergy based on their sense of “inner call” results in human control by fear, not transfiguration in love.” – Seabury Press in the jacket blurb

Maggie Ross – The Fire of Your Life   $15

“…full of vigor….and written with fierceness, humor, and beauty.” – Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

“Maggie Ross has nourished my spirit…. She describes deep spiritual truths in a manner that rings true.” – Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate and former Archbishop of Capetown

Martin Laird – Into the Silent Land   $20

“Into the Silent Land reflects a happy combination of wide learning, authentic spiritual experience, and clear jargon-free prose.” – Lawrence S. Cunningham, author of Thomas Merton and the Monastic Vision

“I tried it and it works. Try it.” – Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate and former Archbishop of Capetown

“…sharp, deep, with no clichés, no psychobabble and no short cuts. Its honesty is bracing, its vision utterly clear; it is a rare treasure.” – Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Beverly Lanzetta – The Other Side of Nothingness   $20

“The work draws on a variety of Christian mystical texts, including those of Meister Eckhart, Gregory of Nyssa, Pseudo-Dionysius, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Bonaventure, and the anonymous author of The Cloud of the Unknowing while also making reference to Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism and the thought of contemporary social mystics such as Heschel, Gandhi, Merton, Thurman, and Day.” – State University of New York Press

“This book tackles one of the most significant problems that the study of religion has raised today: How do we remain committed to our own religious tradition and at the same time remain open to the beauty and validity of other religions.” – Harold Kasimow, coeditor of No Religion is an Island

Garry Wills – What Jesus Meant    $15

“Fascinating…. Like a long, rich conversation with a learned friend…that engages the heart and mind, to the ultimate benefit of both.” – Jon Meacham, The New York Times Book Revie
“It is plainer than we might like, and thus harder both to take and to avoid.”  – Peter Gomes, Plummer Professor of Morals, Harvard

James Alison – Knowing Jesus   $15

“Brilliantly makes the question Do you know Jesus? fresh, unfamiliar, absorbing and challenging. The most lucid and imaginative presentation of a theology of redemption that I have read in many years.” – Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

“James Alison has done a useful service in challenging us to look provocatively at old truths in a new light.” – Charles Colson

Second hand copies of two other books by Ross: 1) The Fountain and the Furnace: The Way of Tears and Fire and 2) Seasons of Death and Life: A Wilderness Memoir are available from,,, and Also try the Anglican Bibliopole by phone at (518) 587-7470 or by email at I found both of these books very powerful. George

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