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The Fire of Your Life Written by Maggie Ross

Maggie Ross, a life-professed solitary and mystic under vows to the Archbishop of Canterbury, writes with the wonder and energy of a spiritual poet. In this new edition of a spiritual classic she shares one year of her solitude with us in these seasonal meditations, from encounters with lynxes and coyotes to passionate reflections on the summer solstice and desire for union with God.

“This book represents a year’s worth of meditations—or rather a lifetime’s work of reflection….It is full of vigor…and written with fierceness, humor, and beauty.” Rowan Williams

“Ross reminds us of Flannery O’Connor and Annie Dillard. All three have an abiding sense of the sacred amid the drift of contemporary life…. a delight to read.” Thomas Berry

“A fine book…. earthy mysticism at its best and most contemporary—poignant, honest, concrete, practical….cuts to the heart of the matter.” Tilden Edwards

Maggie Ross is an internationally acclaimed author and translator whose books and articles have attracted a cult following. Her writing is known for its insight and its ability to cast new and often startling light on ancient texts and spiritual practices. She is a professed solitary under vows to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and divides her time between Alaska and Oxford.

Hey, Rowan Williams isn’t always wrong.  — George

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