KatrinasDream.org Booth at July 2009 Episcopal General Convention

Our Agenda at General Convention

We will strive for justice and peace build respect for the Dignity of Every Human Being.
Baptismal Covenant—Prayer Book page 305

The booth will pursue the church’s mission: to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ and promote justice for women, prisoners, Indigenous Peoples, and students in Africa.  The words in italics are from the first two questions about the church on page 855 in the Prayer Book.

We will promote justice for women by disseminating information from organizations such as the EgualRightsAmendmend.org.  Click her for the ERA organization.

We will promote the newly formed network, Connecting Anglican Women in Theological Education (CAWTE) by handing out their brochures and bookmarks.  CAWTE was recognized and endorsed at the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Jamaica: Click Here for Article on CAWTE.
We will promote justice for prisoners and respect for their dignity as human beings by lobbying for our resolution asking Congress to outlaw torture in all American jails and prisons.  Bobby Dellelo, a victim of fives years torture in solitary confinement will be at the booth to educate deputies and bishops about prison torture.  He will also speak at the convention’s legislative hearing on the resolution.  Bobby is quoted in a March 30, 2009 New Yorker article “Hellhole.”  Click Here for the New Yorker Article.
We will promote a resolution would put the Episcopal Church on record condemning the doctrine of discovery and supporting Indigenous People’s call for repudiation of the 1496 Royal Charter granted to John Cabot and his sons and other similar Royal Charters which sanctioned European invasion of the Western Hemisphere.

We will promote justice for students in Africa by publicizing the work of Think Tank Thuto.  Click here for Think Tank Thuto’s Web Site. 
Last summer we asked the bishops at Lambeth to welcome women and children and men, straight and gay, equally in Jesus name.  We will Ask General Convention to do the same.  We will give away pins with Katrina’s picture and the words “God is Beyond Gender” that we gave to hundreds of bishops in Canterbury at the Lambeth conference last summer.  We will also give away the story of Katrina’s lifelong pilgrimage into inclusiveness that we distributed at Lambeth.

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