Walk the Talk: A Quest for Equality

EXCERPT from the first chapter White Ants

Sounds of a slow steady train pulling into the station, a sluggish chugging of one carrying a heavy load, stirred me from a sound sleep. As anticipated, it eventually came to a stop. Moments later it pulled away. Half awake, half asleep, I could hear Rev. Magdaliya Kamble and my beloved husband William talking in the kitchen. I listened for a short while and although unable to make out their words, I could tell from the hushed tone of their voices that it was a private conversation. Completely trusting William, I felt at ease drifting effortlessly back to sleep. Predictably, moments later a second train in the distance could be heard rapidly approaching. The second train did not have the sound of one carrying a heavy load and traveling a bit faster arrived quickly coming to an abrupt screeching stop. Shortly thereafter, just like the previous train could be heard pulling away.

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