Who Gets Tortured Most?

We torture tens of thousands of prisoners in the USA.

They are largely BLACKS, HISPANICS, MENTALLY ILL, POORLY EDUCATED, just plain POOR, and if any of the above speak out and demand justice and fair treatment they are shipped far away from friends and allies as POLITICAL PRISONERS.

A BBC documentary on USA prison torture is at:
An Official Maine Department of Corrections video shows a Swat Team cutting the clothes off a prisoner, carrying him naked and screaming down a hall, strapping him in a restraint chair and Macing him in the fact.  This is at:


The previous sites describe physical torture and murder.  A recent article in the New Yorker shows mental torture of perhaps more than 50,000 people:
Lance Tapley’s talk to the National Lawyers Guild about torture in solitary confinement is on KatrinasDream.org at:
God, bless America and its prisoners.

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