Malcolm Boyd’s Poem

We’ve mainstreamed torture, haven’t we, Jesus?  Turned it into just another word in the clutter of everyday news. Not something to work up any sweat about. It seems to me our worst sin is to torture people who are already in our power as prisoners. Like people in our prisons. Like Bobby Dellelo.

The 33 years you spent with us here, Jesus, including when we nailed you, still hasn’t taught us what we need to know about love and justice, has it?  Our prison system seems an agonizing and endless system of crucifixion. Why don’t we wake up, Jesus?  Prison torture is torture of flesh and blood beings.  It’s not unlike our torture of you when you dwelt among us.

Please convert us, Jesus, to work against prison torture. Change us into community organizers for peace, justice, nonviolence and your love. Thank you, Jesus.

– Malcolm Boyd

Author of “Are You Running with Me, Jesus?”

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