All Hands On Deck! Sign this Petition Demanding that Illinois Ratify the ERA

Illionis Petition


My dear friends and colleagues at ERA Action have been working very hard at moving the Great State of Illinois to Ratify the ERA for several years.

We at Katrina’s Dream applaud their efforts and are calling on you and asking that you take a few moments of your time to add your name and show your support for the Illinois General Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Please click here to add your name and show your support: Illinois General Assembly: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

We also ask that you share this petition far and wide.  Illinois has produced two great presidents Lincoln and Obama.  It is time that Illinois lead the nation again a be the first state in the 21st Century to Ratify the ERA and put America back on track in these challenging times.  

Again here in the link to add your name and show your support of women here in the USA.  Illinois General Assembly: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment



Helene de Boissiere Swanson

Here is a little background:

Sex discrimination is not illegal under the United States Constitution. Until the legislatures of three more states ratify theEqual Rights Amendment (ERA), citizens are unprotected under national law and remain at the mercy of legislators who can impose, overturn and repeal laws on politically motivated whims. Illinois is one of the states obstructing the ERA’s ratification. 

The Equal Rights Amendment simply states:

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

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