ERA Task Force AZ & Katrina’s Dream @ the AZ Diocesan Convention 2019

By Rebecca McHood – ERA Task Force ERA

Friday, October 18th an atheist and an ex-Mormon (Dianne Post and Rebecca McHood) walked into the Arizona Episcopal Diocese Convention and were greeted by the most accepting, kind, authentic gathering of kind-hearted people you could ever imagine! Before I (Rebecca) even got to the table my spirit was boosted and I couldn’t wait to chat with the people in attendance. Hundreds of Episcopal Priests, Deacons and parishioners passed by our table in the exhibit hall and all who were asked to sign on to a letter of support for the ERA did so. People were excited to read more about Reverend Swanson, especially the many women priests in attendance!

We talked with everyone who passed by and ran out of postcards encouraging the AZ reps to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. A dozen clergy members signed onto a letter to the AZ state legislators supporting the ratification of the ERA with Holy Bible evidence to support equality of the sexes. On the scooter is a Latina Episcopal priest who has written a book and was thrilled to sport an ERA sticker on her scooter!

On Saturday practicing Episcopalians, Scott Moore and Karen Grisham, staffed the table and were warmly received. All in all, we talked with over 100 people and enjoyed the atmosphere of love and acceptance. It was reassuring to my soul to see so many people dedicated to making the world a better place for individuals as well as all the inhabitants of the earth!


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