The Call – September 16, 2022 – Meeting with Senator Schumer Staff at @ 12 noon EST

September 16, 2022

Dear Friends and Family,

I would like you to attend as observers in the meeting Katrina’s Dream has scheduled with Majority Leader Schumer’s office today at 12:00 pm ( some of us will be on a little early to just chat) to discuss his holding the vote on SJ Res 1 which will remove the deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment.  Please see below details This falls under D042 of the 2008 General Convention.  We are at the finish link.  Prayers of support are welcomed and do take a moment to call Schumer at (202 )224-6542  Here is Bishop Trevor pre-recorded prayer for the meeting with Schumer ‘s staff today.

Click Here to Listen to Bishop Trevor’s Prayer for the Equal Rights Amendment

Zoom Details

Topic: Majority Leader Schumer  Re: ERA  SJ Res. 1/ HJ Res. 17/Publication
Time: Sep 15, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 892 7188 5488
Passcode: 974631
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Schumer Meeting Agenda
Friday- September 15, 12:30

  1. Helene de Boissiere-Swanson – [Introduces herself] I am the Founder and CEO of Katrina’s Dream, and a member of the Episcopal Protestant Church of the US and the Episcopal Public Policy Network Government Relations Office. I would like to welcome everyone to today’s meeting and thank the staff of Leader Schumer for their time. To start, I would like to play an opening prayer
  2. [Play Bishop Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba’s Opening Prayer]
  3. Natalie White – [Introduces herself] I am the Vice President of Equal Means Equal and a member of the Advisory Board for Future Majority, and I am a New Yorker who voted for Leader Schumer. I will facilitate today’s discussion. Thank you to Katrina’s Dream for organizing the meeting, and now, I would like to introduce the meeting participants. [Natalie introduces participants first and turns it over to Kate Kelly]:

(in order of appearance)

  • Kelly Kate, Esq. (D.C.) is the Author of the new book, “Ordinary Equality”
  • Jean Sweeney, Esq. (NY/CT) is President of Rethinking Eve and is spearheading the “Biden Publication Strategy”
  • Jeri Burton (NV) is the Co-Executive Director of the Nevada National Organization of Women (NOW) and the Chair of National NOW’s ERA Committee; she is also a Board Member of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
  • Lisa Sales (VA) is the President of the Virginia National Organization for Women, chairs its PAC, is a member of the ERA Coalition Advisory Council and serves on the policy committee for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Previously she worked for Governor Mario Cuomo.
  • Sharon J. Hill (GA) is President of the Cobb Faith Partnership, Co-Chair of the Constitutional Equality Committee for Georgia National Organization for Women (NOW), Life Member of NAACP, and member of the Cobb Black Women’s Roundtable Georgia
  • Moira Gill (CA) is a Santa Barbara, California business owner and Co-Chair of the ERA Committee of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee
  • Kobby Hoffman (VA) is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Organization for Women, Chair of its ERA Committee, and is the Virginia NOW Executive Vice President
  • Jacqueline Baker Norris (MD) is the President and Founder of the National Resource Center for African American Women in Transition and the Black League of ERA Womanist Voices
  • Tammy Simkins (OH) is the Founder of Widows’ Walk, the Co-Founder & Co-Director of ERA Action, and Chair of the Ohio ERA Committee
  • Rosie Couture (VA) is the Founder of the youth group, Generation Ratify, with over 60 chapters across the nation; Rosie started this organization when she was a sophomore. Now, she is a recent high school graduate headed to Harvard this fall.

Over to Kate Kelly to get us up to speed on the subject we are all here to discuss today:

  1. Kate Kelly and Senator Spearman – provides short review and history of the ERA and current Senate status [Passes it back to Natalie]
  2. Natalie White – [The Ask] Calls on each participant by name for each to ask one question
  3. Lisa Sales – Monitors chat and selects audience questions at end, time permitting


Q1 – What is Leader Schumer’s plan to expedite NARA’s publishing of the ERA per 106B and to encourage the Executive Branch to instruct the archivist to publish the ERA now that 38 states have ratified it? (Jean Sweeney)
Q2 – When does Leader Schumer plan on scheduling the vote on SJ Res 1/HJ Res 17? (Jeri Burton)
Q3 – How does Leader Schumer plan to address a potential filibuster? Or is there another option such as “unanimous consent”?  (Lisa Sales)
Q4 – Will Leader Schumer withdraw his vote as he has previously done when he has a run a “test vote” on other legislation so that it can be reintroduced later in the session? (Carolyn Casper)
Q5 – What is the strategy moving forward to cement the ERA in the U.S. Constitution? (Moira Gill)
Q6 – What can we do to support Leader Schumer and Senators Cardin and Murkowski moving forward? (Kobby Hoffman)
Q7- Julia
Q8– Victoria Steele/Patricia Spearnman – Statement/Questions
Q9 – I would like to request a meeting with Leader Schumer for the national youth group, Generation Ratify how do I do that. (Rosie Couture)
Q10 – When would be the best time to schedule a follow-up meeting for a status check? (Tammy Simkins)

Close Out
Lisa Sales –Q & A from Chat Questions
Natalie White – Closes the Ask
Sharon J. Hill – Thank you
Elder Jacqueline Baker Norris – Closing Prayer


Jeri Burton (NV)
Nevada National Organization of Women, Co-Executive Director
National NOW’s ERA Committee, Formed Chair
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, Board Member

Carolyn Casper (OH)
Ohio National Organization for Women, President Upper Arlington City Council, Former Member
WPPN, Member
ReSisters, Member
Upper Arlington Progressive Action, Member
League of Women Voters-Ohio & Columbus Chapters, Member
Freedom of Choice Ohio, Member
STAND Project, Founder
Thrive, Member

Rosie Couture
Generation Ratify

Helene de Boissiere – Swanson (NY/MA/CA)
Katrina’s Dream, Founder & CEO
The Episcopal Church, Member
EPPN, Office of Government Relations (TEC), Member

Sharon J. Hill (GA)
Cobb Faith Partnership, President
Georgia National Organization for Women (NOW), Co-Chair Constitutional Equality Committee
League of Women Voters-Marietta/Cobb, Member
NAACP, Life Member, Immediate Past Chair Georgia State Housing Committee
Cobb Black Women’s Roundtable Georgia
Georgia Coalition for the People Agenda, Cobb Regional Coordinator

Katherine “Kobby” Hoffman (VA)
National Organization for Women (NOW) Board of Directors
NOW Equal Rights Amendment Committee, Chair
Virginia NOW, Executive Vice President
Charlottesville NOW, Board of Directors

Moira Gill
ERA Committee of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee, Co-Chair
Business owner

Kelly Kate, Esq. (NY)
Equality, Author

Bishop Dr. Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba (Zambia)
United National Independence Party of Zambia, President
Katrina’s Dream, Board Member

Jacqueline Baker Norris (MD)
National Resource Center for African American Women in Transition, President & Founder
Black League of ERA Womanist Voices, Founder

Juliana Njoku
Economic Justice & Constitutional Equality Chair Georgia NOW
Sapphire Global Solutions, Consultant
Former UN Staffer for UNFEM (UN Women) Peace & Security Division

Lisa Sales (VA)
Virginia National Organization for Women (NOW), President
ERA Coalition, Advisory Council
Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, Policy Committee

Tammy Simkins (OH)
ERA Action, Co-Founder& Co-Director
Widows’ Walk, Founder
Ohio – ERA Committee, League of Women Voters of Chillicothe-Ross County, Chair

Senator Patricia Spearman (NV)

Senator Victoria Steele (AZ)

Jean Sweeney, Esq. (NY/RI/CT)
ReThinking Eve, President
Spearheading President Biden Publication Strategy

Natalie White (NY)  
Natalie White for the ERA, President
Advisory Board of Future Majority, Member

Folks call upon U.S. Senator Charles Schumer  

Here is the Power of Ten script.

Removing the  deadline on the ERA.

Petition Chuck to schedule the floor vote. HJ Res. 17/SJ Res 1

You can submit a comment here. 

If your Senators are co-sponsors then
ask them to reach across the aisle to their colleagues.

If they have not co-sponsored then
petition them to co-sponsor

Secured a “Yea!” vote!

The number there is 1 (202) 224- 3121 [U.S. Capitol Swithboard] 

Then make the Biden/Harris Administration one of your 10 folks asking the Executive Branch to keep their campaign promises and move our nation forward and thank them for their commitment to serve the people of the USA.
The number is 1 (202) 456-1414 [White House Switchboard].  
????, Love and Light in Christ, ?????? ?????, and \.

Under the Mercy,

Helene de Boissiere – Swanson, Katrina’s Dream

What are kingdoms without justice?”  ? Augustine of Hippo, City of God

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